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Fisheries and marine

Here you can record, report fisheries data and communicate with the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research. This service concerns mainly fishermen and offers the option to automatically log a fishing vessel’s position at sea (optional) and enabling fishermen to register their fishing operations. It contains an interactive map showing the route of the vessel at sea and notifies the user for the restricted areas to which crossing over and fishing is prohibited or for areas that are under specific fishing measures. The service is provided in a mobile application version. You can download the application for Android (v. 9 or later) and for iOS (v. 9.3 or later).
Here you can apply for an Amateur Fishing Licence. In order for your licence to be issued, you will need to pay the required fee through JCC, provided you have received approval of your application.
Through this sytem, seafarers/manning agents provide the necessary information for the issuance of a Seafarer`s Identification and Sea Service Record Book or an endorsment attesting the recognition of a non-Cyprus certificate of competency. Accessible only via MS Internet Explorer 11, using Java.
You can pay to obtain a fishing licence, provided you have already applied and obtained approval by the department of Fisheries and Marine Research, or, in case of amateur licence, you are already a holder of one from previous years: Professional licences include: trawler,Polyvalent, Categories A-B-C. Amateur licences: vessel, speargun, dams.