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Indirect taxation VAT

As a taxpayer, here you can have access to due taxes and payments.
Under certain conditions, you can settle overdue debts up to 31/12/2015, through the special shceme plan for Overdue Tax Debts, which provides a deduction benefit  on interest and other charges up to 95%, depending on the number of installments selected by the taxpayer.
Here you can verify the validity of a customers` VAT registration number in another EU-member State.
If you are a VAT taxable person which is registered for MOSS in a Member State (the Member State of Identification), you can electronically submit quarterly MOSS VAT returns with detailing supplies of telecommunications, radio and television broadcasting and electronically supplied services to non-taxable persons in other Member States [the Member State(s) of consumption], along with the VAT due.
If you represent a registered company in the VAT Register, you can request VAT return that has been paid with regard to goods and/or services, provided by another entity that is registered in the VAT Register of another EU-Member State.
You can proceed with the VAT payment  via internet banking by entering the code that appears on the receipt, which has been issued upon submission of the VAT return in the Taxisnet- VAT System.
As a taxpayer, here you can submit  VAT returns via TAXISnet system.
As a taxpayer, here you can have access to tax payments.  
As a taxpayer, here you can have access to the  tax amounts due and to the revelant payment reference number to pay via internet banking.
As a taxpayer, you may record debts to the Tax Department.