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Indirect taxation VAT

As a taxpayer, here you can have access to due taxes and payments.
Under certain conditions, you can settle overdue debts up to 31/12/2015, through the special shceme plan for Overdue Tax Debts, which provides a deduction benefit  on interest and other charges up to 95%, depending on the number of installments selected by the taxpayer.
Here you can verify the validity of a customers` VAT registration number in another EU-member State.
If you are a VAT taxable person which is registered for MOSS in a Member State (the Member State of Identification), you can electronically submit quarterly MOSS VAT returns with detailing supplies of telecommunications, radio and television broadcasting and electronically supplied services to non-taxable persons in other Member States [the Member State(s) of consumption], along with the VAT due.
If you represent a registered company in the VAT Register, you can request VAT return that has been paid with regard to goods and/or services, provided by another entity that is registered in the VAT Register of another EU-Member State.
You can pay the VAT due via Internet Banking or by credit / debit card.
V.A.T. Returns can be submitted only electronically via TFA (TAX FOR ALL) system.