Digital Services of Cyprus Government


If you are a teacher and have not been appointed yet, you can apply for these projects. The centre can also provide you with support in staff and information related to your assigned projects.
Here you can apply for conducting research in public schools. Your application will be assessed and you will be informed accordingly.
`Photodentro Cyprus` is a repository of user generated open educational content. If you are a teacher you can upload here your learning scenarios or search other users` learning scenarios.
Here you can submit you actions for the Educational Technology Department programs you participate in.
This service is provided for schools, where they can upload their activities/actions.
Here you register for seminars offered by the Pedagogical Institute. The system includes applications for registration in a speakers registry, submission of seminars organized by internal and external speakers, applications made by teachers and schools for participation in the seminars, seminars internal management made by the respective officers, booking of conference rooms, attendance records, attendance tables, certificates, time-tables etc.
You can electronically submit your application for teaching at all-day optional primary schools.
You can apply for teaching at adult education centres.
Here you can submit your application for teaching at all-day compulsory primary schools.
Here you can express your interest for teaching at the state Institutes of Further Education.
This service allows you to submit your application for the exams of prospective candidate teachers. You also have the option to pay through JCC. Please note that this service is active periodically