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Buy / sell / transfer property

1. Total exemption from transfer fees, in case the transfer relates to a transaction that is subject to VAT. 2. In case a transaction is not subject to VAT, the legislation provides an exemption of 50% on the amount of transfer fees. This exemption is not taken into account by the calculator
The aim of this electronic application is to provide direct access to the specialized users (i.e valuers) to the data of the department concerning the comparable sales and contract of sales from 1994 and later.
Apply for mortgage cancellation.The e-service is accessible ONLY by mortgagees: Banks, Financial Institutions.
If you are a private Valuer, you can  issue a Property Search Certificate for Sales/Contract of Sales, by clicking here.
Use this application to submit an application for a Search Certificate for Current Contract of Sales of a Specific Purchaser.
Click here to submit of an Application for Error Correction purposes in the data of the property that affect the value of the General Vauation of the Property.
Submit an application for demarcation of a property (simple demarcation or for demarcation of the outer perimeter).
Submit an application of objection to general valuation.