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Educational programs

Here you can search for training programs offered by the Cyprus Productivity Centre, register online, receive relevant notifications, receive attendance certificate etc.
Here you can apply and manage your application for attendance at the Institutes of Vocational Education and Training within the given time frame (June-August of each year).
Here you can submit you actions for the Educational Technology Department programs you participate in.
If you are a CYberSafety partner, you can here submit and manage your seminars offerred to schools. Interested school units can apply for the seminars through this platform as well.
Here you register for seminars offered by the Pedagogical Institute. The system includes applications for registration in a speakers registry, submission of seminars organized by internal and external speakers, applications made by teachers and schools for participation in the seminars, seminars internal management made by the respective officers, booking of conference rooms, attendance records, attendance tables, certificates, time-tables etc.
Schools of all educational levels can express their interest to participate in these 1day, 2day, 3day and multi-day Programs.
Here you can apply to participate at the educational programmes of the adult education centres - online payment via JCC.
Through this service you can search for programmes of study offered by the Mediterranean Institute of Management (MIM), apply online receiving an automatic confirmation etc.
Here you can search for all  programmes offered online by the Cyprus Productivity Center (CPC), register, as well receive the relevant attendance certificate.